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Nicola Lo Calzo


Nicola Lo Calzo
English, Italian


Edition of 700
160 pages
165 x 240 mm
ISBN 9788894515534


This photographic project aims to contribute to the rediscovery of Binidittu, retracing the improbable life of Saint Benedict the Moor, and exploring the historical sites of his hagiography, the motivations of his followers, the worship of relics, and the religious and secular practices devoted to him in Sicily and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

Binidittu emerges as an allegory of our time: an encounter between the Mare nostrum and the world, between oblivion and memory, between racism made commonplace and our shared humanity, between the Sicilian people’s aspirations and African migrants’ hopes of freedom and dignity as they drift towards Europe’s shores.

About the Artist
Nicola Lo Calzo is an Italian photographer and teacher-researcher (Uni Paris-Cergy and Ensapc) based in France since 2006. He currently works between Bahia and Paris where he runs a course on postcolonial and queer practices in photography at the School Nationale Supérieure d’Arts of Paris-Cergy. He is also a member of the editorial committee of the digital arts research platform PLARA and co-curator of the International Biennial of Photographic Encounters of Guyana. Lo Calzo is the recipient of a Cnap grant (2018) and nominated for the Prix Elysée (2019) and the Niépce prize (2020). In 2022, he won the Grande Commande Photographique by Ministry of Culture, led by the BNF.

About the Publisher
L’Artiere Edizioni is a young publishing house specializing in photographic volumes with the distinctive feature of the very high quality of its products. The publishing house was founded in 2013 from an idea by Gianluca and Gianmarco Gamberini. Specialized in the presentation of photographic collections, Artiere Edizioni strongly believes in the concept of quality and care in every detail of the finished product, dedicating itself to the creation of aesthetically curated volumes, aimed not only at an audience of expert photographers, but also at enthusiasts, or people who quite simply wish to delve deeper into the work of a particular artist.