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Paolo Simonazzi

Feel Me, I'm Here With You, Jordan Hearns

Bell'Italia Paolo SimonazziBell’Italia
Paolo Simonazzi
Silvana Editoriale

Text by Walter Guadagnini 


Edition of 1400
108 pages
200 x 200 mm
ISBN 9788836629251


Even if the title comes from a street sign – and gives a hint of a travel magazine – the tone of the entire project is given by other images and in particular from those where the flag does not appear physically, but through the three colours that make it up. Because in those photos one sees a single one sees a single theme coming together, the ability of dealing with it by means of a iconography which is assumed , and the more authentic nature of the author’s poetry.

About the Artist
Paolo Simonazzi was born in Reggio Emilia in 1961. His photographs are set in unexpected places where things appear without warning; in those side roads where the limit between real and surreal is blurred and it is easier to come into contact with humble, yet extraordinary strangeness that can put a smile on every day life.

About the Publisher
Italian illustrated book publisher Silvana Editoriale specializes in art and photography monographs, exhibition catalogs, museum and gallery guides, art history titles, and books on design.

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