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Being / Seeing
Parallel Platform

Being / Seeing Parallel Platform

Being / Seeing Parallel PlatformBeing / Seeing
Parallel Platform

Curated by Nikki Zoë Omes.


Softcover, with fold-out poster.
56 pages
225 x 190 mm
ISBN 9789899538757


“The exhibition Being / Seeing presents the work of seven new and emerging photographers: Andrej Lamut, Charlotte Mano, Glorija Lizde, Mark McGuinness, Ramona Güntert, Sofia Okkonen, and Toms Harjo. The reason why I chose these specific projects is because they all contemplate ‘being’ or what it means to ‘be’, by either exploring the self, (sub)consciousness, our relation to others, or the body. What also struck me was how the artists went about ‘seeing’ these concepts and capturing them using their unique photographic language. Being / Seeing reflects on QUAD’s year-long theme (April 2018-19) of ‘well-being’ by combining it with the idea of ‘well-seeing’, which is defined by “a person or (later only) the eye: having good vision; that sees clearly or truly” (Oxford Dictionary). As the camera is often thought of as documenting its subject ‘clearly’ and/or ‘truly’, we can consider the photographer as someone who is well-seeing. A photographer, akin to the idea of an artistic genius in painting, demonstrates an exceptional ability to see and capture things others have not.” – Nikki Zoë Omes, curator.

About the Organisation
Parallel Platform is a platform that brings together creative European organisations committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. Members include museums, galleries, cultural centres, festivals, art schools and publishers – 18  vibrant European cultural hubs, from 16 countries, that will participate in selecting and hosting emerging artists and curators, organising exhibitions and promoting artistic networking.

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