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Before Things Change
Seth Fluker

Before Things Change

Before Things ChangeBefore Things Change
Seth Fluker


Edition 53 of 500
28 Pages
195 x 240 mm
ISBN 9780981394701



“Before Things Change” is a small insight into Seth Fluker’s undesirable occupation at Whole Foods Market Soho. Each image slowly evolved and quickly disappeared within his workspace while washing grimy kitchen utensils and haphazardly disposing customer waste. Through the sequencing of this edition, Seth aimed to represent the ever-changing emotions he felt during each shift.

About the Artist
Seth Fluker was born in 1982 in Ontario, raised in British Columbia, and now resides in Toronto. These days, as a photographer and filmmaker, Fluker is predominantly concerned with our attachment to place and the depiction of landscapes and water cycles.

About the Publisher
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