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Sophie Calle

Because..., Sophie Calle

Because..., Sophie CalleBecause…
Sophie Calle
Atelier EXB


72 pages
170 x 240 mm
32 photographs
ISBN 9782365112352


It is with the story, the one preceding the click of the shutter but also of the brain when an idea pops into it – that Sophie Calle opens Because. She undertakes to tell us the reason, or at least one reason, that led her to press the shutter. The photograph is only revealed later, hidden in the interstices of the Japanese binding. Thus reversing the relationship of natural primacy between an image and the words that accompany it, Sophie Calle calls attention to the influence that the latter may have on our reception of a photograph.

About the Artist
Visual artist, photographer, writer and film-maker Sophie Calle gives, through her installation artworks, a written and photographic account of situations that are staged and experienced on the mode of autobiography or autofiction. In this respect, she questions the thin boundary between the public and the private. Sophie Calle’s work has been exhibited throughout the world and displayed in many works, among which M’as-tu vue ? (2003) and Rachel, Monique (2012), both published by the Éditions Xavier Barral. She represented France at the Venice Biennale in 2007, and received the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography in 2010. Sophie Calle lives and works in Malakoff.

About the Publisher
Atelier EXB publishes works that address new forms of photography, contemporary art and sciences. Founded in 2002 by Xavier Barral, and taken over in 2020 by the five members of the team (Jordan Alves, Nathalie Chapuis, Yseult Chehata, Charlotte Debiolles and Perrine Somma), the publishing house conceives each book with great attention to both content and form. To question the forms of photography, to bring to light artistic voices, to approach the major questions which innervate our contemporary societies through the image: the Atelier EXB is at the same time a space of creation, curiosity and opening on the world.

Aesthetic rigor and editorial content, developed in close collaboration with major names in contemporary creation as well as more emerging figures, make up astonishing works where many artists and authors from around the world. To date, the catalog includes more than 200 critically acclaimed works.