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Aversive Adhesives
Max Siedentopf

Aversive Adhesives, Max Siedentopf

Aversive Adhesives, Max SiedentopfAversive Adhesives
Max Siedentopf
International Neighborhood Publishing



160 pages
240 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783944960166


No matter where we look, we are surrounded by beautiful images. Yet, with this excess in beauty all around, why should we bother to remember any of it? Aversive Adhesives looks into the other direction and explores the icky, the disturbing, the unsettling, or in some way ‘aversive’ images that repel upon sight. However, because of their repulsive nature, even when looking away these images become adhesive to you. Aversive Adhesives shines a light on a number of individuals who approach photography in new and unusual ways, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to create images that will stick with you.

About the Artist
Max Siedentopf (1991) is a London based multi-disciplinary conceptual artist working across video, photography, sculpture, creative direction and everything in-between and is the founder of the of the art publication ORDINARY.

About the Publisher
International Neighborhood Publishing are an independent art collective & publishing house focussing on graphics and art in public spaces. They publish books, magazines and silkscreen prints in limited editions.

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