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Always the Guest
Wendy Marijnissen

Always the Guest, Wendy Marijnissen

Always the Guest, Wendy MarijnissenAlways the Guest
Wendy Marijnissen


Hardcover with bellyband
176 pages
170 x 225 mm
ISBN Not Available


What does it mean to belong somewhere? How does a young woman from Belgium end up feeling more at home in a country like Pakistan, a place so different then the one she comes from? In this personal book Wendy Marijnissen tries to answer some of these questions. Always the Guest is a story about loss, motherhood, about home, who crosses your path and helps to shape your identity.

About the Artist
Wendy Marijnissen is a documentary photographer, curator and author from Antwerp, Belgium. In 2009, she traveled to Pakistan, focusing her camera on motherhood and daily life. She has documented women’s lives in Pakistan. She has especially focused on the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth.