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Ezio D’Agostino

Ezio D’Agostino
Skinner Boox


Card handstamped cover
56 pages
237 x 320 mm
ISBN 9788894031904


That it is not about ‘hurried’ photography, not really about contemplation, but as Ezio D’Agostino says himself, ‘about a photographic process which derives from my archaeology training’. This means confronting time and pacting with it. The archaeologist, such as the photographer, divides the territory so that he can better explore it. The archaeologist digs it, then, with a layered and depth approach, he reveals the layers that will provide elements of interpretation and knowledge.

About the Artist
Ezio D’Agostino is an italian photographer born in 1979. He has a degree  in Archeology from the University of Florence. He studied Documentary Photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome. He lives and works in South of France.

About the Publisher
Skinner Boox is a small independent publishing house focused on contemporary photography.

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