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2200 Miles
Atsushi Fujiwara

2200 Miles cover2200 Miles
Atsushi Fujiwara

Text by Ryuichi Kaneko


108 pages
283 x 220 mm


2200 Miles is the fifth photobook by Japanese artist Atsushi Fujiwara. For this work, Fujiwara left Japan to photograph in Great Britain, where he once lived. Tracing the past as he travelled the 2200 mile journey, Fujiwara captures the deep sentimentality of road movies and the brightness of the sun traveling along.

About the Artist
Atsushi Fujiwara is a Japanese photographer and the founder of the photography magazine Asphalt. Fujiwara has collaborated on numerous projects with Akira Hasegawa who was the editor of the well-known Asahi Sonorama Shashinshu series of twenty-seven books published in the late 1970s; many of which are now considered important examples of postwar Japanese photography.

About the Publisher
Sokyu-sha is one of the many galleries in Shinjuku Gyoen. As well as being a gallery space, it is also one of the most interesting photography bookstores in Tokyo.

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