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2019 Guide

PHotoESPAÑA 2019 Guide La Fabrica
PHotoESPAÑA 2019 Guide La FabricaPHotoESPAÑA 2019 Guide
La Fabrica
Coordinated by Maria Pallás.
Guest Curated by Susan Bright.
220 pages
100 x 200 mm
ISBN 9788417769215
For the 2019 edition of PHotoESPAÑA, Susan Bright was invited as Guest Curator. Her proposal Déjà Vu? included five exhibitions that together centre around the themes of art history and painting (e.g. Sharon Core / Laura Litinsky at the National Museum of Romanticism), but also (mis)communication (e.g. Clare Strand, The Discrete Channel With Noise), collaboration (e.g. Elina Brotherus, Playground) and the archive (e.g. Patrick Pound, Air). All, in their own way, question the stretch, functionality, and historical weight of the medium of photography; how it continues to resonate, in its various ways.

About the Exhibition
PHotoESPAÑA was born in June 1998 with the aim of being a photography festival carried out by society. Promoted by the Contemporary Foundation and organized by La Fábrica, PHotoESPAÑA makes Madrid and Spain become each year a meeting point for the world of Photography. A festival designed and made in Spain, which has become an international reference thanks to the work and involvement of specialists and agents from the artistic, cultural, and political fields, the collaboration of institutions and the participation of the public.

The Festival has always had a international vision, directing his gaze to large artistic territories: Europe, North America, Latin America, the Far East, etc. However, Spanish photography has always had a relevant role in PHotoESPAÑA, whose intention is to present a panorama that accounts for its richness, energy and plurality. The seventeenth edition, in 2014, was entirely dedicated to the evolution of Spanish photography from the XNUMXth century to the present, highlighting the work of young creators who are contributing new ways of looking at photography and who enjoy an important international echo.

One of the most personal characteristics of the Festival is the choice of a general commissioner who is in charge of programming for three consecutive years. Three years are enough to develop theories and concepts around the photographic fact.

About the Director
Claude Bussac has been appointed as the new director of PhotoEspaña. Born in Narbonne, France in 1963, she is incorporated into the Festival’s team after seven years as Director of Artistic Studies in the House of Velazquez in Madrid. Since 1990 she has been responsible for the communications of the Autumn Festival in Madrid, the International Festival of Classic Theatre of Almagro and the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts. The new director of the Festival is a graduate of International and European Economy from the University of Paris, Pantheon Sorbonne; she has a doctorate in the History of European Art and Culture from the University of Provence and a Masters in Management of Cultural Institutions from the Dauphine University of Paris.

Claude Bussac, who replaces Pablo Berástegui in the direction of the Festival, assumes the role with the objective of consolidating PhotoEspaña as one of the most outstanding cultural meetings of the international artistic panorama, to develop new lines of action for the fundraising, to promote institutionally relationships and to develop the program of exhibitions and activities for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the contest.

About the Publisher
La Fábrica is the publishing area of La Fábrica, a private company of cultural management. They publish books and magazines focused on photography, art and literature as well as making books on behalf of private companies and public institutions.

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