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Young Dubliners
Daragh Soden

Young Dubliners, Daragh Soden

Young Dubliners,
Daragh SodenYoung Dubliners
Daragh Soden

Text by Colin Barrett.


84 pages
235 x 256 mm
ISBN Not Available


Ten years on, the iconic photograph of a young couple at the back of the bus still resonates. Featuring previously unpublished photographs, Young Dubliners is introduced by award winning Irish author Colin Barrett. ‘Young Dubliners, is an unabashedly romantic and cumulatively poignant study of the young denizens of Ireland’s capital. The portraits fizz and simmer with the ambivalent restlessness of adolescence, the balmy summer sense of energy to burn’ – Colin Barrett.

About the Artist
Daragh Soden is an Irish photographer based in the U.K.. His work has been featured in Aperture Magazine, M le Monde, British Journal of Photography, WSJ Magazine, Holiday Magazine, Vogue Italia. In 2017, he was awarded the Grand Prix at Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography.