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Sonja Trabandt

Unverbunden, Sonja Trabandt

Unverbunden, Sonja TrabandtUnverbunden
Sonja Trabandt
Einer Books
German, English


54 pages
160 x 240 mm
ISBN 9788299788236


For the book Unverbunden, Trabandt collected staged and documentary photographs, produced between 2005 and 2012, and combined them in order to juxtapose her world of theatrical exaggeration against the prosaic grimness of everyday life realities. These images reflect impressions drawn from Trabandt’s sceptical observation of her surroundings and, taken as a whole, spring from her frequently recurring notion that no one is actually connected to anyone else, that the pursuit of happiness is only a hormone-driven selfishness that has controlled us since primeval times and every quest for connection is doomed to failure due to this pervasive, animal-like compulsiveness. While they are not exactly romantic, these photographic confrontations are not as bleak as one might think. If nothing else, they serve to illustrate that a mutual feeling of unconnectedness is, in itself, a connection.

About the Artist
Sonja Trabandt (b. 1978, Germany) is a freelance photojournalist and artist based in Berlin. Her work has been published and exhibited in Berlin, Potsdam, Cape Town, New York, and London. In her artistic work, Trabandt examines various emotional states and the environment that gives rise to them. Especially in her photo books but also in her exhibited installations she seeks the connection between documentary and conceptual photography and the different perception of ‘reality’ through visual media.

About the Publisher
Einer Books is an independent Norwegian publisher of limited edition handmade photography books. It was started by Espen R. Krukhaug in 2011 with the intention of publishing his own work. However, today Einer Books publishes books by other photographers as well. All publications are made closely with the artist. It is based between London and Oslo.

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