X=Y i·den·ti·ties, Lukas Birk 

X=Y i·den·ti·ties
Lukas Birk 

X=Y i·den·ti·ties, Lukas Birk X=Y i·den·ti·ties
Lukas Birk 
Fraglich Publishing


Edition of 200
48 pages
100 x 80 mm
ISBN Not Available


X=Y i·den·ti·ties explores the omnipresent importance of identification through an on-going performance, assuming different personas and crafting according identities that validate the existence of that persona. Identity and the authority elements behind the identity that we carry are integrated and key elements of our everyday life. Yet at times they also form obstacles and incredible disadvantages as they enforce a system that is not necessarily to its citizens’ advantage. X=Y tests the boundaries of the system and how it can be used with fakes, adopted truths and the imagined lives created with self-portraiture.
(source: https://leporello-books.com/en/prodotto/xy-identities/)

Description of Form
This book takes the form of a leather wallet. The inverse of both the front and the back of the wallet contain a selection six ID cards, evenly distributed and containing identities of Hong Kong and Pakistan as well as a student card for Goldsmiths University. Each of the cards uses Birk’s own image.

About the Artist
Lukas Birk is an Austrian travelling artist, archivist and storyteller. He has worked in Europe, China, the Middle-East and Central-Asia. He creates archives and publications.
(source: https://www.lukasbirk.com/)

About the Publisher
Fraglich Publishing is an Austrian based publishing platform. The books are primarily conceived by Lukas Birk. As of 2019 the publishing program will be extended to annual program of up to 6 books.
(source: https://www.facebook.com/fraglichpublishing/)

Further Information
A closer look at the ID cards within X=Y i·den·ti·ties.


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