Waiting Under Southern Skies
Colin Abbott



Waiting_Under_Southern_Skies-Colin_AbbottWaiting Under Southern Skies
Colin Abbott
T&G Publishing


Hardcover With Dust Jacket
64 Pages
195 x 261 mm
ISBN 9780987305077


Waiting Under Southern Skies is a selection of evocative, and previously unpublished, images from Colin Abbott’s personal archive of over 50 years documenting Australian life, as it presented to him. It is an intimate narrative of people and places during a period of immense social change in Australia.


About the Author
Colin Abbott attributes seeing and not-seeing as integral to photography as being and not-being are to Zen. An avid documenter of everyday life on the street, Abbott has carved out an enviable career in longitudinal photography projects, alongside a business career. Since taking up the camera in the early 1970s, Abbott progressed his photography skills, studying at the Prahran College of Advanced Education. He has had several exhibitions since 2009 including Enigma with Photonet Gallery, Melbourne, Out There at Manning Clark House, Canberra, 2013 and a photo exhibition celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Prahran Market, 2014. More recently he has worked with Michael Silver for Magnet Galleries for two exhibitions 70’s Melbourne and 80’s Melbourne, 2017-2018.


About the Publisher
T&G Publishing is an Australian-based award-winning which specialises in establishing a creative dialogue with the acclaimed photographers they publish. Using the finest design and most advanced printing practices, T&G are committed to showcasing elite photographic art.

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