Vice Versa
Stefano Cerio

Vice Versa
Stefano Cerio
Contrasto Books


120 pages
350 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788869654435


Stefano Cerio asserts photography’s ability to render manifest the invisible, what is usually hidden from the eye—not, as the modernist tradition embodied by the “new vision” would have it, by exploiting the particular characteristics of the camera, nor, according to the lesson of photojournalism, by showing a surprising aspect of daily life, but by searching those parts of the world that only a specific and determinate photographic intentionality can bring to light. The work of Stefano Cerio fits into one of the most significant and distinctive areas in Italian photography.



About the Artist
Stefano Cerio lives and works between Rome and Paris. He began his career as a photographer at just 18 years old. Since 2001 his interest has gradually shifted towards research photography and video. His works are increasingly directed around the theme of representation, exploring that borderland between vision, the story of reality and the viewer’s horizon of expectation, the staging of a possible reality if not true at least likely.

About the Publisher
Contrasto Books is an Italian publisher, concentrating on photography.





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