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The Orchard Keepers
Bryony Dunne

The Orchard Keepers, Bryony Dunne

The Orchard Keepers, Bryony DunneThe Orchard Keepers
Bryony Dunne

Text by Maria Golia.


28 pages
240 x 180 mm
ISBN Not Available


Against a backdrop of political upheaval, an island of green floats in the arid, Sinai desert; two Bedouin embark on a daily journey to keep their orchard alive. Filmmaker and photographer Bryony Dunne interweaves her own story, discovering the orchards during a time of volatility and the timeless stability they offer.

About the Artist
Bryony Dunne is an Irish artist based in Cairo whose work engages Anthropology, Sociology, Ecology, and Visual Arts. Her various projects have sought to explore human’s relationship with the landscape, and the evolution of cultivation and settlements.

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