The Last Paradise: North Korea
Nicolas Righetti

The Last Paradise: North Korea, Nicolas Righetti

The Last Paradise: North Korea, Nicolas RighettiThe Last Paradise: North Korea
Nicolas Righetti
Umbrage Editions

Text by Orville Schell


128 pages
240 x 190 mm
ISBN 9781884167324


Photographer Nicolas Righetti was one of the few Westerners invited to photograph Pyongyang’s “New Order of Happiness.” In The Last Paradise Righetti offers a riveting guided tour through this seductive yet chilling landscape; the paradoxes of an earthly paradise and the tragic outcome of an unattainable utopia present a dual message: ‘Welcome. Stay Away.’

About the Artist
Nicolas Righetti was born in 1967 in Geneva, Switzerland, where he currently lives. a founding member of the Lundi13 photo agency, Righetti has worked for a number of Swiss publications, including L’Hebdo, Le Temps and Sonntags Blick, as well as for such international publications as La Repubblica, Newsweek, The New Yorker and The New York Times. Righetti’s work has been exhibited at the Musée des confluences in Lyon, the contemporary cultural centre in Barcelona, the Museum of design in Zurich, the Neues Museum in Biel, the Kunst Haus Museum in Vienna, the international Museum of the Reformation in Geneva, the FotoMuseum in Antwerp and the National Audiovisual Centre in Luxembourg.

About the Publisher
Umbrage Editions was a multimedia company based in Brooklyn, NYC, that publishes high quality visual books on art, photography, human rights, nature, social and political issues, and popular cultureThey are now closed.

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