Sweet Life
Ed van der Elsken

Sweet Life, Ed Van Der Elsken

Sweet Life, Ed Van Der ElskenSweet Life
Ed van der Elsken
Errata Editions

Essay by Frits Gierstberg.


190 pages
190 x 250 mm
ISBN 9781935004257


In 1960, armed with two magazine commissions and a stipend from Netherlands television, Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) and his wife Gerda set off on a fourteen-month journey around the world, from West Africa, the Malay Peninsula, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan to the United States and Mexico. Six years after their return, he published his travelogue Sweet Life (named after a little tramp steamer in the Philippines): a sprawling, exuberant chronicle of their journey and his encounters with a range of people in the streets, from joyous lovers to destitute down-and-outs. The book itself exhibited a panoply of layout effects: double-page bleeds, crops, printed in deep gravure, and different cover designs for each of the six countries in which it was published. This legendary Dutch photobook is presented here complete, with a contemporary essay by Frits Gierstberg.
(source: https://josefchladek.com/book/ed_van_der_elsken_-_sweet_life)

About the Artist
Ed van der Elsken was a Dutch photographer and filmmaker. His imagery provides quotidian, intimate and autobiographic perspectives on the European zeitgeist spanning the period of the Second World War into the nineteen-seventies in the realms of love, sex, art, music, and alternative culture.
(source: https://artsandculture.google.com/entity/ed-van-der-elsken/m02qkzzg?hl=en)

About the Publisher
Errata Editions publishes books of educational and cultural value for a wide audience with a special focus on rare photography books which are unavailable to students and new generations of photographers. We are a group of practicing photographers, designers and educators who share a common love for the mediums of photography and book craft.
(source: https://www.martinparrfoundation.org/product/in-boksburg-errata-edition/)

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