IPG project

IPG Project
Éditions du LIC


Hardcover clothbound
180 x 240 mm
96 Pages
ISBN 9788293341086


Sumimasen by IPG Project (the New York based art duo Tamara and Yoshi Kametani) questions the concept of privacy and identity through Mayura (a pornographic actress living in Tokyo). By obscuring Mayura’s face with a mask, the photographers seek to challenge the very notion of identity. It is the face that misleadingly represents the essence of individuality. The use of a mask emphasises the idea that people need not reveal their faces to have their privacy breached. More than the face itself, it is a person’s actions that primarily define their identity.


About the Artist
IPG Project (Tamara and Yoshi Kametani) are a New York based artistic duo.

About the Publisher
Éditions du LIC was founded with a mission to foster and promote creative endeavours. It is an independent publisher specialising in the creation of provocative contemporary titles by emerging and established photographers.

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