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Sokohi, Moe Suzuki

Sokohi, Moe SuzukiSokohi
Moe Suzuki
Chose Commune
French, English, Japanese


150 pages
257 x 182 mm
ISBN 9791096383337


As her father gradually loses his sight due to glaucoma, artist Moe Suzuki begins to document the daily life they share together. The resulting images are mixed with photographs from the family archive, as well as those taken by her father. Through these images, Moe Suzuki attempts to show what sighted people can see but her father cannot, and to imagine what her father sees but others cannot.

About the Artist
Moe Suzuki was born in Tokyo and studied photography at London College Communications, University of the Arts London. Upon returning to Tokyo after the Great Eastern Earthquake in 2011, Moe Suzuki taught herself book binding skills and started a career as a visual artist, working primarily with photography, mixed with archival images and illustrations in order to tell narratives in book form. Her work focuses on topics such as community life, people with disabilities or spirituality.

About the Publisher
Chose Commune is a French independent publishing house based in Marseille

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