Ayaco Nakamura (中村紋子)

Silence, Ayaco Nakamura

Silence, Ayaco NakamuraSilence
Ayaco Nakamura (中村紋子)
Libro Arte
English and Japanese

Text by Sayaka Takahashi


First Edition
60 pages
167 × 267 mm
ISBN 9784896107906


Silence is a photobook belonging to a trilogy created by Nakamura that deals with a view of life and death, juxtaposed against each other.

‘I am here in reality, but my feelings are less certain:
It’s as if my feet were not firmly planted on the ground.
It’s an experience that anybody can have.
When chivied along by life’s necessities with all my energy just spent on living,
that’s when there is a reason for my being and a clear awareness of myself and of my existence.
May-be, oneself can with absolute certainty feel one’s own being.
Yet, it may be wishful thinking to assume that such a person has advanced thus far yet.
It’s like somebody who lives in a four-dimensional world talking to one who lives in the confinement of three dimensions.
Though the dweller of the three-dimensional world may well understand, true feeling the one surely will not have.
For, even though the mind may comprehend the existence of four dimensions, the one will still dwell in a world of three-dimensions.
It’s been raining today, and looking through the water-blurred window the antenna across looks all squashy and mushy.
Oh, the rain has already turned to drizzle and tomorrow will be fair.
All that has been today will be swept away by the Sun.’

About the Artist
Ayaco Nakamura (中村紋子), born in 1979, is a Japanese photographer and illustrator. Graduating with an MA from Tokyo Polytechnic University, she has exhibited throughout Japan and published a variety of photobooks.

About the Publisher
Libro Arte is a Japanese publisher of photobooks as well as books on art, design, architecture.

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