Return to the Row
Bill Kirk

Return to the Row, Bill Kirk

Return to the Row, Bill KirkReturn to the Row
Bill Kirk
Belfast Archive Project


135 pages
163 x 240 mm
ISBN Not Available


Nearly 45 years after his groundbreaking work on Sandy Row, including his well-known Klondyke Bar series, Bill Kirk returned to the area to find contemporary images of a community on the cusp of another major “re-development” phase. Indeed, the initial impulse for documenting Sandy Row during the early 70s was to bear witness to the decimation of one of Belfast’s oldest working-class communities. This new photographic work is testament to his respect for the people. Our hope is that this work reveals how a still thriving community continues to cope with the economic displacements that come with being located near the developing city centre. As the expansion of the city slowly encroaches into the area, there is the reality that gentrification may forever change the face of Sandy Row.

About the Artist
Bill Kirk is a Northern Irish photographer.

About the Publisher
The Belfast Archive Project is a unique opportunity to preserve and present the vanishing photographic heritage of Northern Ireland. The ‘Project’ has been and continues to be entrusted with collections of film negatives, glass plates and prints by local photographers and their families in order to protect them for future generations. In all, there are over 100,000 images in 35mm, medium format and 8mm moving film. These images are at risk of deteriorating so the project’s focus is to preserve and make these images accessible to the community through curated exhibitions, online galleries and print publications.

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