Portraits From above: Hong Kongs Informal Rooftop Communities
Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham

Portraits from above: Hong Kong's informal rooftop communities

Portraits from above: Hong Kong's informal rooftop communitiesPortraits From above: Hong Kongs Informal Rooftop Communities
Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham
Chinese and English


280 pages
230 x 255 mm
ISBN 9783980967778



Self-built, informal settlements on the roofs of high-rise buildings are an integral part of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. The rise of rooftop communities is closely linked to the migration history from Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong. With each of China’s tumultuous political movements in the 20th century, like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, there was a corresponding wave of Mainland Chinese migrating to Hong Kong.

About the Artists
Stefan Canham was born in 1968 in England and studied Experimental Film at University of Fine Arts Hamburg 1987–1992.

Born in Hong Kong, Rufina is a city dweller at heart, and is fascinated by the complex variety of needs and programs that compose our shared environment. Rufina recognizes that the end-user is often the silent consumer of architecture, and so has dedicated her career to understanding how the individual naturally inhabits space. Having been native to an environment known for its density, she views space as a precious entity, and she believes that it is the designer’s role to apply a robust design approach to provide spatial solutions that are both tailored and flexible. She is inspired to create spaces that invite the users to play an active role in shaping the environment to suit their unique needs and preferences.
(source https://perkinswill.com/person/rufina-wu/)

About the Publisher
Founded by Hannes Wanderer in Berlin in 2004, Peperoni Books is dedicated to contemporary photography and the publication of high-quality photobooks.
(source: https://www.cafelehmitz-photobooks.com/en/by-manufacturer/peperoni-books/)

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