Peer to Peer
Hannah Whitaker

Peer to Peer Hannah Whitaker

Peer to Peer Hannah WhitakerPeer to Peer
Hannah Whitaker
Mörel Books

Text by Aaron Kunin.


Edition of 1000
100 pages
300 x 250 mm
ISBN 9781907071515


Hannah Whitaker explores how photographs can network, participate in systems, iterate, and form relationships. The book alternates between one full-page photograph and up to four on the next page that relate to the first. By adhering to this organising principle and by employing repetitive marks made through in-camera masking, the photographs assert a linearity more typical of text than image. The cover spells out the book’s title and author using an illegible alphabet, which, inverting the logic of the photographs, asks to be looked at rather than read. Peer to Peer includes an accompanying text insert written by Aaron Kunin.

About the Artist 
Hannah Whitaker (b. 1980, Washington D.C.) is an American photographer. She holds an M.F.A., from the International Center of Photography/Bard College, NY, and is currently living and working in New York.

About the Publisher
Mörel Books are a non-profit publisher specialising in limited edition Photo and Art Books.

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