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Sputnik Photos 
English, Polish

Contributing Artists Jagoda Valkov, Krzysiek Powierża, Emilia Martini, Piotr Stasik, Michał Majewski, Kamil Figas, Michał Dyjuk, Olga Sokal, Piotr Szewczyk, Mateusz Pawlukiewicz, Ewa Mikusek, Justyna Górniak, Agata Read and Kasia Kotula.


216 pages
160 x 230 mm
ISBN 9788395636714


This photobook was made during the Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme in Warsaw.

About the Artists
Jagoda Valkov (born 1985 in Warsaw) – studied landscape architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, stage design and exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts. She completed the DOK PRO documentary course at the Wajda School in Łódź, participated in the mentoring program of the Sputnik Photos collective. She is also a graduate of the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

Krzysztof Powierża’s creation is a hybrid of documentary, portraiture and fashion photography.

Director, Writer, Cinematographer. Piotr Stasik was born on September 23, 1976 in Lódzkie, Poland.

Kamil Figas born in Szamotuły (1983), currently an inhabitant of Poznań. A graduate of Animal Science at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, and also of Photography at the University of Humanities and Journalism in Poznań. He associates his professional life with areas other than photography. He devotes his free time to his passion. He is particularly interested in reportage and landscape, but also abstraction and portraiture. He often photographs people, but he most willingly goes with the camera to the forest.

Olga Sokal is a New York and London based artist, originally from Poland. Her interestlies and focuses on the marginalisationof communities within society.

Piotr Szewczyk on Instagram.

Mateusz Pawlukiewicz is a Polish photographer.

Ewa Mikusek graphic designer and a photographer. I graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Katowice with a BA in graphic design.

Justyna Górniak, born in Lublin, Poland, is a freelancer based between Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She often deals with topics connected to identity and migration.

Agata Read (born 1978, Gdańsk, Poland) is an interior designer and photographer. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where she is now pursuing a doctorate; is a graduate of the Sputnik Photos collectives Mentoring Programme; and also studied at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Before dedicating herself to photography, she worked with screen printing for many years. Her research interests include into the relationship between place and space, and the role of such spatial interplay in shaping human awareness. She lives and works in England, in the town of Hastings.

About the Publisher

Sputnik Photos is an international collective founded in 2006 by documentary photographers from Central and Eastern Europe. They are united by a desire to observe and describe what surrounds them, as well as by their common experience of living in Central and Eastern Europe in the post-transformation period.

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