Nangokusho – Ode to the Southern Lands of Japan
Atsushi Fujiwara

Atsushi Fujiwara
Nangokusho – Ode to the Southern Lands of Japan


104 Pages
290 x 210 mm



About the Artist
Atsushi Fujiwara is a Japanese photographer and the founder of the photography magazine Asphalt. Fujiwara has collaborated on numerous projects with Akira Hasegawa who was the editor of the well-known Asahi Sonorama Shashinshu series of twenty-seven books published in the late 1970s; many of which are now considered important examples of postwar Japanese photography.


About the Publisher
Sokyu-sha is one of the many galleries in Shinjuku Gyoen. As well as being a gallery space, it is also one of the most interesting photography bookstores in Tokyo.


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