Sian Davey

Sian Davey
Trolley Books 


Clothbound Hardcover
88 Pages
246 x 274 mm
ISBN 9781907112577


“Why don’t you photograph me anymore?”, This is what Martha said to me in response to my camera being focused so often on her sister Alice. It took me by surprise. I wasn’t aware that she would care, but clearly she did.  The work began when Martha was 16 years of age, a time when a child is on that cusp of being and becoming a woman. It’s a particular period of time, when for a brief period you are both a young woman and child in the same body, before the child leaves and the young woman stands on her own to meet the world. It’s a complex and potentially confusing time. And then there is the young woman shaping herself as a social being. Her group of friends are a safeguard, a source of protection as she moves into this new world.


About the Artist
Sian Davey launched a career in photography in 2014, following a 15year career as a psychotherapist in private practice, she draws on her experiences as a psychotherapist and mother to inform her practice. Her work is an investigation of the psychological landscapes of both herself and those around her. Her family and community are central to her work.  Davey studied Fine Art painting (Bath Academy of Fine Art, 1985) and Social Policy (University of Brighton, 1990) Humanistic Psychotherapy (1995) and more recently, photography (MA 2014 and MFA 2016 at Plymouth University).


About the Publisher
Trolley Books is an independent UK publisher, specialising in art and photography books. Areas covered by Trolley include social reportage, photojournalism/current affairs and contemporary art and architecture.

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