Beatriz Ruibal

Madre, Beatriz Ruibal

Madre, Beatriz RuibalMadre
Beatriz Ruibal
Varasek Ediciones
Spanish and English

Texts by Julio Cesar Abad Vidal, Miguel Marinas, Beatriz Ruibal, Ana Merino.


128 pages
200 × 240 mm
ISBN 9788494257230


This photobook is a tribute to the memory of the photographer’s mother, to the relationship between the daily life of women and the implications of motherhood.

About the Artist
Beatriz Ruibal is a visual artist and filmaker from Madrid. She has earned a place of distinction among the artists of her generation thanks to the intimate quality of her work and her attention to everyday details, inviting spectators to sink into an introspective moment of stillness. Ruibal has received a number of awards and grants for her artistic work, 2016 Artist Residency at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

About the Publisher
Varasek Ediciones is committed to poetry, travel and rock&roll. It was born with the purpose of bringing to light unclassifiable texts or texts outside the mainstream of current literature, with or without genre but always generative, rare in its meaning of discovery and precious stone, always under a rigorous selection where above all the quality of the works and the commitment of the authors with their work.

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