Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Luck, Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Luck, Isaac McKay-RandozziLuck
Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Draw Down


Edition of 500
16 pages
197 x 254 mm
ISBN 9780985733704


Luck showcases Isaac McKay-Randozzi’s analog photographs of skateboarding, street culture, and everyday observations. From perfectly frozen frontside airs to quiet, reflective moments with artist Michael Leon and original Bones Brigade member Tommy Guerrero, every image is captured with humble sincereness and raw confidence.

About the Artist
Isaac McKay-Randozzi is a freelance photographer and skateboarder based in Tacoma, Washington.

About the Publisher
Draw Down publishes and sells small books about graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, art and architecture.

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