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Looking for M.
Ben Krewinkel

Ben Krewinkel, Looking For M.

Ben Krewinkel, Looking For M.Looking for M.
Ben Krewinkel
f0.23 Publishing


Softcover in printed slipcase with loose pamphlet included.
Edition 151/750
72 pages
150 x 190mm
ISBN 9789081840217


Looking for M. catalogues the developments of Mozambique over the last forty years; the rich tapestry of which is revealed through the juxtaposition of my own work, from 2013, with the texts and pictures of Frits Eisenloeffel taken back in 1974/75. The attached pamphlet is a political history of Mozambique since 1891.

About The Artist
Ben Krewinkel (b. 1975, Maastricht) is a Dutch photographer. He teaches, and has also curated several exhibitions. He studied Modern African History, and has published 4 books. On one of his many trips to Mozambique, Krenwinkel discovered the work of another Dutch photographer Frits Eisenloeffel. Together, they documented the rise to power of Frelimo, the Mozambique Liberation Front.

About the Publisher
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