Living with Plants
Caroline Gomez

Living with Plants

Living with Plants Living with Plants
Caroline Gomez
Studio Caroline Gomez
French and English

Contributing artists Audrey Bodisco, Janneke Luursema, Ben Clement, Jacqueline Klassen, AJ Ragasa, Zioxla, Lauren Breanne Miranda, Elizabeth Barnett, and Abel Jiménez.


80 pages
130 x 190 mm
ISBN 9791093464084


Plants have invaded our homes, we are fascinated by them, they are an integral part of our way of life. These lush or minimalist atmospheres captivate us. Throughout my meetings and images, I have composed this book as an inspiring journey to the heart of the plant.

About the Artist 
Caroline Gomez is a designer, art director, photographer and author of the ‘Destination’ book series about travel and lifestyle. She lives in Bordeaux and also works with several designers, galleries, brands and institutions. She has participated in many exhibitions in France and abroad and her creations are available exclusively at her shop and ephemeral sales she organises or in which the shop participates.

Interview with Audrey Bodisco.

Janneke Luursema is an Amsterdam based Dutch photographer.

Ben Clement (He/Him) is a photographer, director and multidisciplinary artist.

Jacqueline Klassen, is a ceramic artist. Interview with Klassen.

AJ Ragasa, a Seattle-based commercial & editorial photographer.

Zio Baritaux is a Los Angeles born, Europe based writer, editor and publisher. She was the managing editor of Swindle magazine, and has since written and/or edited more than a dozen books on art and culture.

Elizabeth Barnett’s creative practice encompasses painting, printmaking and illustration. Elizabeth’s work documents her surroundings, often depicting intimate domestic spaces filled with exotic and interesting plants, colour, treasured objects and furniture, seasonal still life compositions and landscapes.

Abel Jiménez is a Spanish cartoon artist

About the Publisher
Studio Caroline Gomez prescribes to an art of living where nature and simplicity predominate, Caroline works for many clients sensitive to the same ethical, aesthetic and minimalist values.

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