jump into bed with me
Paul Knight

jump into bed with me, Paul Knight

jump into bed with me, Paul Knightjump into bed with me
Paul Knight
Perimeter Editions

Text by Paul Knight and his partner Peter.

88 pages
183 x 137 mm
ISBN 9780987637154

Positioning his 35mm camera on any available surface within the given environment or architecture – a mantelpiece, a log, a coffee table, or a rock at the beach – and setting a timer, Knight and his partner simply make themselves available for the camera to see what it sees. Laundry, breakfast, sex, day trips to the seaside, nights at the pub, moments of domestic calm; here, Knight eschews his diaristic gaze in the same way he loosens photography from notions of time or chronology. We’re left to consider both the spatial and the relational qualities of the sequence and the image.
The seemingly conflicting qualities of intimacy and distance come to define the work of Australian-born, Berlin-based photographer and artist Paul Knight. Part of a wider, ongoing project titled Chamber Music – which documents the day-to-day life Knight has shared with his partner Peter over the course of their relationship – his first book jump into bed with me considers intimacy as a conceptual proposition. Paired with an edited transcript of the couple’s history of text messages to one another, jump into bed with me is at once a missive to a lover and an ode to photography’s intrinsic processes. A modern-day love letter between Paul and his partner Peter, the photographs reveal intimacy in all of its guises; the candid, the mundane, the erotic.

The cover has the words ‘what does a boy do on a cold misty night?’ which can easily be misidentified as the title of the publication.
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About the Artist
Paul Knight is an Australian artist born in 1976 in Sydney. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
(source: https://neonparc.com.au/artists/paul-knight)

About the Publisher
Perimeter is a specialised bookstore, award-winning publisher, distribution house and platform for various art publishing endeavours in Melbourne, Australia. Perimeter Editions is the award-winning publishing imprint of their bookstore. Releasing its first publication in 2012, Perimeter Editions’ focus rests on publishing autonomous books in close collaboration with photographers, artists, curators and writers. Its publications exhibit a criticality and sensitivity to content and form.

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