H1N1 – Prêt à Porter
Benjamin Füglister

H1N1 – Prêt à Porter
Benjamin Füglister
New Horizon Productions (Self-Published)


Poster in Sealable plastic bag with mask
Single folded sheet
210 x 210 mm (folded)
ISBN 9783000349515


H1N1 – Prêt à Porter is a pamphlet with photographs of Japanese women wearing masks to protect themselves from H1N1 taken in November 2009 in Fukuoka, Japan. The pamphlet contains 24 pages with an introduction by Martina Merten in English and Japanese. This limited edition of 250 numbered and signed copies. The whole body of work includes 8 portraits and several pack-shots of the mask packaging.


About the Artist
Benjamin Füglister is an artist and cultural entrepreneur born in Switzerland in 1978. He has lived in Berlin, Germany, ever since completing his studies at the Basel College of Art in Switzerland, and at the Utrecht College of Art in the Netherlands. In his artistic practice he questions social conventions and explores their visual transformations. His particular interest is photography as a medium for visualising the shifts in the human image.

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