Gaza Photo Album

Photo Album_Kent Klich

Gaza Photo AlbumPhoto Album_Kent Klich
Kent Klich
Edited by Gösta Flemming

88 pages
260 x 200 mm
ISBN 9789197762595


Photographer Kent Klich arrived at the Gaza Strip on the 18th of February 2009, just after Israel’s offensive had ceased and its population had begun to try to recreate their lives within a broken wasteland. Wishing to move away from more stereotypical images of the conflict and its root causes in the Middle East, Klich decided not to tell the story of Gaza through its faces but rather through its spaces, where the absence of inhabitants in itself forms an underlying narrative. The interiors of houses, the private spaces of Gaza’s inhabitants, have been documented in some 55 colour photographs – appropriated, burnt, bulldozed, bullet ridden, or bombed out – in a confronting testimony to interrupted lives.

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