Day Break, Break Days 
Tae Dong Kim  (김태동)

Day Break Break Days, Tae Dong Kim

Day Break Break Days, Tae Dong KimDay Break, Break Days
Tae Dong Kim  (김태동)
Edited by Jeong Dun Kim (김정은)
English and Korean


Hardcover In soft-box cover
108 pages
290 x 260 mm
ISBN 9791185374017


Taedong Kim’s Daybreak, Breakdays tells the story of the place where he was born and has never left. That place is Yeonsinnae, a suburb northwest of Seoul. This is his hometown in every sense of the word – the standard by which he measures what is normal.

About the Artist
Born in Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

About the Publisher 
Since its foundation in 2007, Iann has organised a variety of projects ranging from the publication of the contemporary art photography magazine to curating exhibitions, publishing books, and running educational programs.

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