Bomber: A Chance Unwinding
Lewis Koch

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding, by Lewis Koch

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding, by Lewis KochBomber: A Chance Unwinding
Lewis Koch
Areness Press


40 pages
150 x 150 mm
ISBN Not Available


Bomber: A Chance Unwinding bears witness to a remote mountaintop World War II bomber crash site, combining poetry and visual images collaged from archival film footage, maps, in situ colour photographs and text. The book offers an elegiac metaphor, as a meditation on war and the associated loss of life and environmental destruction. This book includes creative text written by Koch.

About The Artist
Drawing upon aspects of photography, assemblage and text, Koch’s work calls attention to often unremarked upon elements of everyday life. Over the years, his work has been shown in garages, on kiosks and billboards, as well as museums and galleries in New York, London, Brussels, Seoul, Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles and elsewhere, and is in permanent collections internationally, including the Metropolitan Museum, Maison EuropĂ©enne de la Photographie-Paris, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

About the Publisher
Areness Press is based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Further Reading
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