Blackdrop Island
Klara Källström

blackdrop island

Blackdrop Island
Klara Källström


160 pages
240 x 300 mm
ISBN 9789197969710



The photographs were taken during a stay in Tokyo in 2008 and a revisit in 2010. Documenting things at night, when darkness creates black backdrops and only allows us see a bit of the scenery, is something that occupies Klaras’ interest. It becomes “partially a fictional documentation”, she says. Viktor Johansson has written a poetic suite accompanying the images and the result is shown in the book as two parallel worlds, encapsulated in double-folded sheets.


About the Artist
Klara Källström, born April 15, 1984, is a Swedish photographer and artist living in Stockholm.

About the Publisher 
B-B-B-Books is a Stockholm based publisher with a focus on photography. Founded in 2011 by artist Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt and designers 1:2:3.

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