Between Dog and Wolf
Nick Haymes

Between Dog and Wolf
Nick Haymes


First Edition
32 pages
255 x 15 mm
ISBN 9783905714210


Nick Haymes’ photography often explores the artist’s role in and relationship with his family. This first small monograph finds him traveling with an extended family of young skateboarders. Between Dog and Wolf depicts–beyond their adventures and misadventures on wheels–their joy in living, in making out and hanging out. Haymes, who was born in England in 1969, observes his young subjects with a mix of friendly and almost fatherly care, documenting a delicate stage of life with equal attention to its dark moments and its blissful ones, in a raw and distinctive style that looks exceptionally closely. The artist has lived in New York since 2000, where he has worked with many widely respected magazines including i-D, Dazed & Confused, The Face, Vogue, TeenVogue, Another Magazine, Arena, Capricious and The Journal.

About the Artist
Living in New York since 2000, Haymes has worked over the last 7 years with some of the most important magazines worldwide: i-D, Dazed And Confused, Index, The Face, Vogue, TeenVogue, Another Magazine, Arena, Capricious and the Journal to name a few. Through these networks he has gained access to a whole scene of diverse worlds and tribes, which then brought Nick’s personal work closer to a particular atmosphere, made of family members, friends, and their inner sceneries.

About the Publisher
Nieves is an independent, one-man publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, by Benjamin Sommerhalder, an artist with a background in graphic design, Nieves’ focus is on publishing Artists’ Books and Zines.

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