At The Bus Stop, Donatas Stankevičius

At The Bus Stop
Donatas Stankevičius

At The Bus Stop, Donatas StankevičiusAt The Bus Stop
Donatas Stankevičius
Kaunas Photography Gallery


Hardcover, open spine
Edition of 500
120 x 170 mm
ISBN 9786094755866


Donatas Stankevičius’ publication At the Bus Stop presents a series of street photography, questions the rights of the image and the themes of photography in public spaces. The photography cycle created over a decade includes photographs taken at Kaunas bus stops.

About the Artist
Donatas Stenkevicius (b. 1984, Kaunas) is a Lithuanian photographer who graduated from engineering studies and graphic design studies before becoming a teacher of photography as well as an active photographer based in Kaunas.

About the Publisher
The Kaunas Photography Gallery extends the long publishing tradition in Lithuania, and now not only concentrates on simply presenting photographers, but also on continuing research into Lithuanian photography. Thanks to its successful publishing activities, Lithuanian photography is winning greater recognition than ever before. It is gradually becoming more acknowledged on the international scene, and is featured at major international photography book events.


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