Animal Greetings from the UK
Alberto Vieceli

Animal Greetings from the UK, Alberto Vieceli

Animal Greetings from the UK, Alberto VieceliAnimal Greetings from the UK
Alberto Vieceli

84 Pages
230 x 305 mm
ISBN Not available


Alberto Vieceli’s penchant for postcard collecting even extends to vintage postcards from the United Kingdom. This book takes a genre that most people were probably unaware existed as its subject: animal greetings. Each postcard features a cute photograph of one or more animals at its centre – dogs or puppies, cats or kittens – ringed by pictures of the place from which the greetings were sent and a prominent message saying good luck, well wishes, thinking of you, or a similar such greeting intended for the recipient. It seems a particularly British brand of kitsch, yet also oddly endearing, because who wouldn’t want to find a wee Scotty wearing a kerchief in their letterbox?

About the Artist
Alberto Vieceli is co founder of Vieceli & Cremers is an award-winning studio specialising in individualized design solutions for conceptual communication. Our portfolio includes books, graphic identities, videos, exhibitions and installations. Whether working for our clients or on self-initiated projects, our focus is in the exploration of connectivity, engagement and action. Before our studio Vieceli & Cremers, from 2012 until 2018 Tania Prill was partner of the studio, then called Prill Vieceli Cremers.

About the Publisher 
everyedition is a publishing house founded by Sebastian Cremers and dedicated to designing and printing books that stand as unique objects, emphasizing a rather conceptual approach.

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