Aire de Bellelay
Haus am Gern

Aire de Bellelay, Haus am Gern

Aire de Bellelay, Haus am GernAire de Bellelay
Haus am Gern (Rudolf Steiner and Barbara Meyer Cesta)

Texts by Marina Porobic and Johannes Binotto.


Softcover, Two Books
76 pages (Book One)
144 pages (Book Two)
320 x 200 mm
ISBN 9783952419229


This book comes along with a big installation by the same authors in the baroque Abbey of Bellelay. It was not designed as a catalogue of the exhibition, rather as a stand-alone book in two parts: in the first one, Johannes Binotto (theorist of culture and media) writes about mirrors and total blackness, the second part consists of a photo essay by Haus am Gern. The artist couple made a trip to southern Spain, where they collected 133 photographs loosely connected to the topic of 100% reflection, mirrors, deepest blackness and – last but not least – about serendipity.
(source not available online)

About the Artists
Haus am Gern, founded in 2001 by Rudolf Steiner and Barbara Meyer Cesta, publishes books from the catchment area of visual art.

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