A Cloud of Black Smoke
Halil Koyutürk

A Cloud of Black Smoke, Halil Koyutürk

A Cloud of Black Smoke, Halil KoyutürkA Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey 1968-72
Halil Koyutürk
Focuskop Fotoform
English, Swedish and Turkish

Text by Ertuğrul Kürkçü.


160 pages
280 x 210 mm
ISBN 9789163306549


“I received these photographs in the 30th anniversary of the 68 movement in Turkey. The photographs were hidden and saved by the members of the 68 movement until that time….these pictures have created this book. In their raw form without any manipulation.” – Halil Koyutürk

About the Artist
Koyutürk was born in Ankara in 1957.  In 1980, he left Turkey for imperative reasons. He now lives and works in Stockholm.

About the Publisher
Focuskop Fotoform is a Stockholm based publisher, run by Halil to produce his own books.

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