164° on the Equator
Charles Negre and Thomas Rousset

164° on the Equator, Charles Negre and Thomas Rousset

164° on the Equator, Charles Negre and Thomas Rousset164° on the Equator
Charles Negre and Thomas Rousset
Études Books


80 pages
240 x 330 mm
ISBN 9782369620082


164° on the Equator, a collaborative effort by photographers Charles Negre and Thomas Rousset, explores questions of authorial intervention and implied narrative. Negre and Rousset construct fictional, surrealistic realities all their own. Shot in Indonesia over the course of two months in 2014, this unique body of work sees the pair offsetting intuitive, documentary-style shooting with the intentionality of studio-based staging, with everyday elements combined and repurposed to highly theatrical ends. Banana leaves as backpacks, miniature boats as shoes, snakes as headbands and office décor, hunters wading through rivers gone suddenly neon: as in their respective practices, 164° on the Equator finds Negre and Rousset interested less in depiction than invention, the work’s striking juxtapositions and ambiguous themes blurring the boundaries between image-taking and image-making.
(source: https://www.thisispaper.com/mag/164-deg-on-the-equator-charles-negre-thomas-rousset)

About the Artists
Charles Negre, born in 1988, is an independent studio photographer living and working in Paris.
(source: https://www.charlesnegre.com/infos)

Thomas Rousset is a photographer, also based in Paris.

About the Publisher
Études is a Paris-based brand that expresses itself through various types of media—ranging from men’s and women’s fashion, all the way over to book publishing. By occasioning collaborations between talents from diverse, artistic backgrounds, Études enacts both as a driving force and reflection of the contemporary landscape. Its vision is the result of an ever-evolving union between cultures, methods and references.
(source: https://fhcm.paris/en/new-now/etudes-2/)

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