Offensive Architecture
Matthew Stickland

Offensive Architecture, Matthew Stickland

Offensive Architecture, Matthew SticklandOffensive Architecture
Matthew Stickland


27 pages
150 x 200  mm
ISBN Not available


This is a zine based on Matthew Stickland’s project ‘offensive architecture’ focusing on a style of architecture known as ‘defensive’ or ‘hostile’. This form of architecture is incorporated into a spaces design in order to prevent particular ways of interaction, for example, a steel ball bearings on a ledge to stop skateboarding or jagged surfaces under a shelter to stop rough sleeping.

In this zine Matthew looks at four examples of defensive architecture around Dublin city. The zine documents his process of measuring out these spaces and building his own sculptural pieces to slot into or cover over them, combating the job of the defensive architecture leaving them open to interaction in ways he sees fit.

About the Artist
Matthew Stickland is a Dublin based painter. His work is figurative but mostly working with reduced imagery with emphasis on colour and tone.His paintings create a world that is familiar to us, but with a whimsicality that focuses on flamboyant elements and cuts out the harsh noise of reality.

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