Place And Being

Place And Being: A Photographic Dialogue Between Two Cultures
Various Artists

Place And BeingPlace And Being: A Photographic Dialogue Between Two Cultures
Centrepoint Collective
Instituto Cervantes
Spanish and English

Contributing Artists: Adam Wiseman, Christopher Nunn, Dulce Pinzon, Ernesto Rios, Jo Phipps, Juan Antonio Sánchez Rull, Murray Ballard, Pablo Allison, Pablo López Luz, Paul Vickery, Petra Stridfeldt, Roxana Allison, Santiago Carrion, Susana Sanroman and Tom Hunter.


102 Pages
240 x 205 mm
ISBN Not Available

Place & Being brings together the work of 15 photographers based in Mexico and the United Kingdom. Using the medium of photography, a visual dialogue has been created which aims to promote cultural diversity between these two nations. The project brings together ideas concerned with the way individuals develop and engage with their environment.

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About the Publisher
Instituto Cervantes is based in Madrid and in Alcalá de Henares (in Madrid province), the city where the writer Miguel de Cervantes was born. Instituto Cervantes centres are spread across five continents. The work of Instituto Cervantes is directed by representatives from the academic, cultural and literary world within the field of Spanish and Hispanic-America. In Dublin, the Institute collaborates with museums, galleries, theatres, publishing houses and other Irish cultural institutions, as well as Spanish and Latin-American organisms.


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