Hasselblad: Science
Hasselblad Foundation

Hasselblad Science Various Artists

Hasselblad Science Various ArtistsHasselblad: Science
Various Artists
Hasselblad Foundation

Text by Göran Bengtsson.


119 pages
266 x 271 mm
ISBN 9789151920641


If you mix equal parts of interest in nature, fascination for the camera’s ability and wholehearted goal awareness, then you get the foundation on which the Hasselblad Foundation rests, and through Ern and Victor Hasselblad’s commitment to natural science and photography, the Hasselblad Foundation can today support many different natural science initiatives. everything from the smallest sea animals at the Tjarno marine laboratory to research in astronomy at the Onsala space observatory. this book wants to celebrate the diversity of projects that hazel leaf supports by highlighting a selection of them.
(source: https://www.hasselbladfoundation.org/wp/sv/hasselblad/)

About the Organisation
The Hasselblad Foundation is a unique platform for photography in the Nordic region. The photographic research and exhibitions complement each other and are closely tied through publications as well as frequent symposiums. The Hasselblad Center is located in the Göteborg Museum of Art.
(source: https://www.hasselbladfoundation.org/wp/exhibitions/)

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