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December 2021

The Meteorite Hunter, Alexandra LethbridgePhotobooks

The Meteorite Hunter

The Meteorite Hunter Alexandra Lethbridge Self- Published English   Softback, Japanese binding 104 pages 177 x 228 mm 2014 ISBN 9780993139413   The Meteorite Hunter is an archive of a…
Black List, LeocampoPhotobooks

Black List

Black List Leocampo Yuen Asia One Edited by Lotus Chan English and Chinese   Hardcover 144 pages 178 x 241 mm 2010 ISBN  9789881882387   Stage photographer/designer Leocampo Yuen spent…
Station Dors PH, Sebastien LeseigneurPhotobooks

Stations Dors Ph

Stations Dors Ph Sébastien Leseigneur Centre de la Photographie Genève French, German and English   Softcover 67 pages 140 x 230 mm 2012 ISBN 9782970056959   A cross navigation between…
Runways, Naomi LeshemPhotobooks


Runways Naomi Leshem Benteli Edited by Michael Guggenheimer and Peter Röllin German and English   Hardcover 112 pages 240 x 270 mm 2009 ISBN 9783716515822   The photographer Naomi Leshem…
Finnish Youth, Jouko LehtolaPhotobooks

Finnish Youth

Finnish Youth Jouko Lehtola Aalto English Text by Niclas Östlind   Hardcover 52 pages 209 x 270 mm 2015 ISBN Not available   In its first season collection Aalto has…