Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해

Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해 Lee Jae Kak / 이재각 Self Published English and Korean   Softcover 60 pages 360 x 290 mm 2009 ISBN Not Available   ‘The 765,000v super high voltage pylon through the mountains and fields of Mil-yang to send electricity generated from new Go-ri nuclear plant to… Continue reading Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해

Energy / 氣

Energy / 氣 Lee Gab Chui / 이갑철 The Museum of Photography Seoul English and Korean Text by Park Pyungjong   Softcover 111 pages 220 x 240 mm 2007 ISBN 9788995568484   This is Lee Gab Chui’s most recent work following ‘Collision and Recoil’. Energy clearly shows the changes wrought upon the artist as he… Continue reading Energy / 氣

Pretend You’re Actually Alive

Pretend You’re Actually Alive Leigh Ledare PPP Editions English   Softcover with slipcase 205 cm x 265 mm 244 pages 2008 ISBN 0971548056   Composed in its entirety of photographs, written anecdotes and ephemera, Leigh Ledare’s first book, Pretend You’re Actually Alive, is a searingly intimate investigation of the artist’s relationship with his mother, a… Continue reading Pretend You’re Actually Alive

Gold and Silver: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the Gold Rush

Gold and Silver: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the Gold Rush Luce Lebart RVB Books Co- Edited by Canadian Photography Institute English and French   Softcover Includes reflective gold and black-illustrated wraps 128 pages 230 x 335 mm 2017 ISBN 9791090306677   Collection of photographs taken at the time of the Gold Rush in the… Continue reading Gold and Silver: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the Gold Rush


Dissolution Tatiana Lecomte Camera Austria German and English   Softcover Includes textual insights 108 pages 220 x 285 mm 2011 ISBN  9783900508876   Tatiana Lecomte’s photographic oeuvre is certainly among the most wilful and challenging from a younger generation of artists in Austria. She mainly makes use of found images or existing reproductions, which she… Continue reading Dissolution

Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice

Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice Eleonora Lazzari Self- Published English and Italian   Softcover 16 pages 148.5 x 210 mm 2019 ISBN Not Available ‘ For many of us the mother- daughter relationship is maybe the strongest bond in life: a reference, a refuge, an accomplice, and once grown,… Continue reading Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice

Home Schooled

Home Schooled Isaac Layman Minor Matters English Essay by Bob Nickas   Hardcover 108 pages 254 x 203 mm 2016 ISBN 9780990603658   Home Schooled presents a chronological experience of the work of Seattle-based artist Isaac Layman, from his undergraduate studies through his 2013 solo exhibition Funeral at Elizabeth Leach Gallery and beyond. About the Artist Isaac… Continue reading Home Schooled


Caravan Rikard Laving Journal Edited by Gösta Flemming Swedish and English   Hardcover 96 pages 210 x 300 mm 2007 ISBN 9789197696661   Most people have memories or associations with caravan parks and camping grounds, the people and surroundings. Rikard Laving’s  images reflect his personal experiences from the Flatenbadet camping ground south of Stockholm. Most of… Continue reading Caravan

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera Wayne Lawrence Prestel English   Hardcover 152 pages 310 x 250 mm 2013 ISBN 9783791348711   This collection of engaging and beautiful portraits by Wayne Lawrence celebrates the diversity and community of one of New York City’s most popular beaches. Orchard Beach might not be the most elegant place to… Continue reading Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

Nebo – Novi Sad

Nebo – Novi Sad Loren Lazic-Duffy Self-Published   Softcover 42 Pages 210 x 297mm 2018 ISBN Not Available   Journeys, expectations, dreams and reality weave alongside the ordinary every day in Novi Sad. Captured in 35mm, Nebo, meaning ‘sky’ underscores the bold colours and textures of life in the artist’s Serbian motherland. About the Artist:… Continue reading Nebo – Novi Sad