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Narva meediaLAB

ФACTURA, Narva meediaLAB

Narva meediaLABФACTURA
Narva meediaLAB


38 pages
105 x 201 mm
Year Not Available
ISBN Not Available


A zine of writing and photography created from the Narva meediaLAB workshops based in Narva, Estonia. Photographs are of streets and buildings in Estonia, as well as the interiors of grocery and corner shops around the country.

About the Project
Narva meediaLAB is a project promoting media literacy in Narva, Estonia. It offers classes and workshops to locals in photography, media and technology.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2015 as a volunteer-driven non-profit association, femLENS works as a capacity builder delivering free workshops to teach women and girls from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds documentary photography techniques to tell stories visually by using easily available tools such as mobile phone cameras.