Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating

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Ten Fundamental Questions

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating
Edited by: Jens Hoffmann
Mousse Publishing


148 pages
240×150 mm
ISBN: 978-8-86749-053-0


In Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating ten distinguished contemporary curators pose and then propose answers to a series of key questions related to curating, art and exhibition making today: What Is a Curator? What Is the Public? What Is Art? What About Collecting? What Is an Exhibition? Why Mediate Art? What To Do with the Contemporary? What About Responsibility? What Is the Process? How About Pleasure?

The book originates from a series of ten commissioned essays for Mousse magazine, appeared  over a period of two years, in 2011 and 2012.

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating is a project published by Mousse in collaboration with the Fiorucci Art Trust.

Jens Hoffmann Mesèn is a writer and exhibition maker. He currently is Deputy Director of The Jewish Museum in New York, where he oversees exhibitions, collections, and public programs.

Mousse Publishing is an independent publishing house founded in 2006. Born as a spin-off of Mousse, the contemporary art magazine, Mousse Publishing was created to give every printed project originality, care, and respect.


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